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Building Products Index
The largest and most detailed electronic library of Building Products, Manufacturers and Suppliers available to the UK Construction industry. Over half a million pages of data comprising product listings and downloadable PDF literature.
Directory of Plant pot recycling Garden centres
Recycle Plastic Flower Pots & Plant Trays
Find Me Plants
Findmeplants allows you to specify your garden conditions and design ideas so that our plant search tool can help you find the perfect plants, trees and shrubs for your garden.
Fujiyama Japanese Garden
Situate in the hills of County Antrim, Northern Ireland, this garden has been a labour of love since 1995 when the first sod for the pond was dug. Encompassing about 3/4 of an acre it consists of a Dry Garden, Tea Garden, Stroll Garden, and Water and Rock Garden.
Garden Action
An excellent gardening resurce website dealing specifically with fruit, herb and vegetable plants.
Garden Forever
Gardening for people of all ages, abilities and lifestyles. If I could have but one wish it would be to garden forever.
Garden Guide Australia
Providing the best information on plants and solutions for your gardens
Gardeners Gardening
I have been gardening for over twenty years. My wife and I have done everything from buying plants in a nursery to a fairly extensive indoor plantings with light stands. This web site will also address the use of containers I will provide tips and a section devoted to herbs. I am excited about a pictorial and written review of national sites with directions to travel to these locations.There will be a section devoted to raised bed planting.There is little or no information on this subject.
Gardening in the Weald
The Weald is an historic area of outstanding natural beauty spanning three counties in England. These are Kent, Surrey and Sussex. As such, it is conveniently only 30 miles south of London. Whatever your age of personal interests, you will find something to occupy you in the Weald. There are a variety of fantastic and beautiful gardens to be seen as well as historic houses, castles and ruins.
Gardens to Go
Welcome to my new website Gardens to Go, my name is David Ford and this site records some of my favorite gardens around London and the South East of England, which is where I live.

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