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Herbs and Spices
Medicinal plants, herbs, spices and herbal remedies are known to Ayurveda in India since long times. The value of medicinal plants, herbs and spices as herbal remedies is being lost due to lack of awareness, and deforestation. The result is many valuable medicinal herbs are becoming rare and precious information is lost. Less pollution we make, more ecological balance we maintain, will add to happiness of humankind. Preserve the knowledge of medicinal plants, herbs, spices and herbal remedies, which humankind has received from the past generations, for posterity.
Hints and Things
A great gardening resource site.
Home and Garden Place
Home and Garden Place is your starting point for information and products related to your home and garden. Find just what you are looking for by visiting our 100s of links.
Joncad /Home, Office & Garden Furniture & Furnishings
Your UK Shopping Centre with Free links to online items for the Home, Office & Garden & much more
Know Britain Site for British Culture
The aim of the site is to examine aspects of British life, culture, customs and history and will deal with anything pertaining to Great Britain and British civilisation.
Over the garden gate
The English country garden for an International community
Paul's Garden World
A UK based garden information website.
Rainy Side Gardeners
A complete source for information about all aspects of gardening in the maritime climate in the Pacific Northwest.
Garden Tools from the Greenhouse Warehouse
If you enjoy gardening and need the right tools such as forks, spades and watering cans then the Greenhouse Warehouse stock a great selection. Their tools are ideal for both the casual and the avid gardener.
Botany Plants and Flowers Encyclopedia
Our Plant Encyclopedia provides information about each plant or flower including a general description, methods and requirements of cultivation for each plant or flower, such as indoor or outdoor planting, soil and temperature requirements, pruning, and other important details such as, the means of propagation (seeds, cuttings, division, etc.), and the different varieties and hybrids of each plant or flower.

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Plants for Sale

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