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Backyard Beekeeping
Learn Backyard Beekeeping Like a Pro with Ultimate Beekeeping!
Bird Feeders, Birdhouses & Birdbaths
You will love the Wildbird-Shop's wide variety of quality birdhouses, bird feeders, birdbaths, bird seed, and bird accessories for your backyard birds.
Gardenpine specialists in outdoor cat housing
Gardenpine design and manufacture our own unique range of outdoor cat houses/kennels to keep your much loved cat cosy and safe when you can't be there to let them into the house. All of our cat houses are designed with your cats welfare and comfort being of the utmost importance to us and are also very aesthetically pleasing to look at.
Joyful Creations
A wildlife site for garden lovers.
Scarborough Wildlife
The Scarborough Wildlife website is for anyone with an interest in the wildlife that can be found in and around Scarborough (the one in North Yorkshire, England that is - sorry Canadians).
Space For Nature
Garden biodiversity forum
Wild Bird Feeders
Birds in your landscape are an exciting part of nature that people of all ages enjoy through the different seasons. Birds in the spring, summer, fall, or even in the winter months can be an interesting part of your day, adding to your mood enhancing feeling for the day.
Wildlife Gardening
Jenny Steel is a plant ecologist and professional wildlife gardener, writing about natural history and wildlife gardening, and teaching courses all around the country. This website has information about getting started with wildlife gardening, the wildlife that could be around in your garden at the moment, and how to learn more by doing a one day or longer course.
Wildlife Gardening
Our website is dedicated to conserving our native flora and fauna and the pleasure and privilege of sharing your garden with wildlife. You will discover the secret of making a haven for wildlife, on whatever scale. Then just sit back, enjoy and be entertained on a regular basis throughout the year!
The Pet Shopping Club offers pet supplies including aquariums, stands, cat and dog beds, dog houses and steps, kennels and more.

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