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Water Garden
An excellent water gardening shop selling everything from water features to floating garden lights.
Aquarium Gardens
Aquarium Gardens specialize in live aquatic plants for tropical and coldwater aquariums.
Aquarium Plants
We are expanding our Nursery & Distribution Centers in the U.S.A & Canada....Our aquarium plants inventory is constantly expanding with future expansion plans to exceed 400 different plants.
Charterhouse Aquatics
We aim to supply high quality products for tropical, marine, reef and planted aquariums at discount prices, including reverse osmosis, protein skimmers, aquarium filters, water quality products and much more.
Garden Supermart
With the latest garden pond innovations, setting up a garden pond can be as easy as pie. Nowadays, with pond kits, everything you need can be purchased online for under $200. And the best part is that it can be shipped right to your doorstep!
Pond Leak
Repair your fish pond leaks with pond pro 2000. Pond Pro 2000 is safe for fish and plant life as well as chlorinated water.
Water Garden Centre
At WaterGardenCenter.com we have Pond Supplies and complete Pond Kits for Garden Pond, Fish Pond, Koi Pond, Water Garden and Lakes!
Blagdon Water Gardens
www.blagdonwatergardens.co.uk is one of the latest UK's No 1 home shopping suppliers of aquatic and gardening products. We aim to offer you one of the widest ranges of pond products from all the leading manufacturers at extremely competitive prices. You can order online using our innovative and easy-to-navigate web site and utilise our Information and FAQ's to guide you to your purchase.
Fresh Water Aquarium Plants
We have been in the business of aquarium plants, pond plants, and tropical fish for quite some time. We work at what we love. Our attention to detail and quality with aquarium plants and tropical fish is what makes this company different from the rest. If we make a living at this, it is only a by-product of the passion we have for our work!
Loch Ness Water Gardens
We pride ourselves at being the best place to shop online for water garden equipment and pond supplies. Whether you're looking for pond kits, pumps, liners, filters, water treatments, or aquatic plants, Loch Ness is your place to shop.

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