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Secret Seeds Exotic Plants
A specialist seed company based in Cove, Tiverton, Devon, UK, which offers an ever changing selection of rare and unusual plants to keen gardeners and nurseries all over the world - there are now well over 1,300 species to choose from. With the exception of a few exotics, most of our seeds are produced from our own organically grown stock plants.
Urban Jungle UK
Urban Jungle is a nursery on the outskirts of Norwich, in the beautiful county of Norfolk. We specialize in exotic plants such as bananas, cannas, gingers, tree ferns and aroids.
Urban Tropics
Urban Tropics is not just a business concept, it was an idea born from a lifetime study and love of landscape design. My team are highly qualified landscapers and feel as passionate about creating beautiful contemporary and exotic gardens as I do.
Japan Garden
At JapanGarden.co.uk we take pride in offering the finest high quality and authentic Japanese and Oriental products available.
JungleSeeds&Gardens - Specialists in Exotic Plants, Tropical Plants & Seeds
Stokes Tropicals
Stokes Tropicals began with a simple idea – wonderful, exotic tropical plants should be available and accessible to everyone. Our vision of providing the average gardener access to these plants, along with books, fertilizers and accurate information for their care and growth, has been fulfilled.
The Exotic Garden
Will Giles has had a passion for plants of a tropical nature since he was a small boy, a passion that has grown dramatically over the past 25 years at his home in Norwich - aptly named The Exotic Garden.

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