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Carnivorous Plants
Welcome to my web site dedicated to the fascinating World of Carnivorous Plants.
Best Carnivoroys Plants
Plants offered are at least medium size, most of them are mature and able to flower. The price presented is for one portion; a portion contains 1-10 plants according to species. The plants are shipped year round except winter.
Bug Biting Plants
Venus Flytrap and Carnivorous Plant Online Catalog for Winter 2008
Carnivorous and Invasive Plants
As you may know, I've written a book on carnivorous plants, and it is selling well and getting good reviews. Now, after a lot of work related to it, I'm settling back into a more comfortable pace periodic talks about plants and also lots of field work and photography. There are lots of additions to the site, especially as a result of a very productive photographic safari to Australia!
Easy Carnivores
Carnivorous Plants
Fly Traps
From Cook's Carnivorous Plants
Hampshire Carnivorous plants
We have been growing carnivorous plants for some twenty years, the last ten of these years exhibiting at major events around the country and Royal Horticultural Society Shows. During that time having been awarded some sixty RHS Gold Medals, this includes TEN consecutive Chelsea ‘Golds.’
Pet Fly Trap
PetFlytrap is one of the oldest and most established exotic plant dealers online. For 10 years, we've been dealing in plants from the unusual Venus Flytrap to orchids, succulents and a variety of terrarium plants.

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