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Laminated Garden Guides - Grow your own vegetables and save money!
Laminated Garden Guides are for anyone who wants to grow great VEGETABLE GARDEN. Our guides give you step by step instructions to get started and detailed technical advice to common problems. Plastic laminated coating insures that guides can be taken to the garden, and not worry about getting it dirty or wet! Subjects include: Growing Tomatoes guide, Home Vegetable Gardens guide, Container and Raised Beds gardening, Herb Gardening and many more.
Organic Gardening Shop
Organic Gardening Shop proudly offers a complete line of all-organic gardening products such as herbicides, fertilizers, insect and pest control, orange oil, and biostimulants. Our Solution Finder helps identify bugs and insects, weeds, diseases, and wildlife problems, with pictures descriptions and remedies.
Essential Garden Guide
Everything you want to know about organic gardening and growing vegetables and fruits.
Gardening Naturally
We offer a range of non poisonous and effective treatments for many pest problems in the garden. Vegetables and fruit can be grown without pesticides avoiding the associated risks to wildlife, pets and the consumer.
Organic Garden UK
Ongoing support for all organic food growers.
Organic Products for Plant Growth
Manufacturer of natural fertilizers, soil amendments, and pest controls, with wholesale distributors in the central and northeast regions of the USA
Self Sufficient 'ish' - Urban Self Sufficiency
Not all of us have the means the space or are perhaps unwilling to give it all up and suffer the highs and lows of going it alone on a smallholding. That is why self sufficient 'ish'.com came along. We provide a growing database of self sufficiency articles for the organic grower. Take some time to read Dave and Andy Hamilton's Philosophy and press release if you want to find out more about us and our version of self sufficiency (homesteading). We hope to make your road to self sufficiency an easier one.
Water Willows
Organically grown willows: over 100 varieties of willow (salix). Living structures ( Dome, Tunnel, Wigwam etc, supplied in kit form. Willows for ornamental displays, winter colour, flower arranging, hedging, windbreaks, biomass, basketry. Woven willow compost bins, raised vegetable beds obelisks etc as seen at Chelsea 2008 in the Daylesford Organic Garden. Basketry / craft materials. Bespoke design & build service. Soil Association registered.

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