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Candleswest have great collection of candle centerpieces, wedding centerpieces, floating candles, yankee candles, votive candles and candle lanterns.
Contemporary Candles
Custom scented candles, hand-poured at the time of your order. Marble pillars, unique party and wedding favors, crystal wax melts, glow cubes, chunk candles, votives and novelty candles.
Candle Comfort
Candle Comfort takes pride in making candles to assure that you receive the finest quality candles available. We use only the finest wax, dyes, fragrances, essential oils, and lead free wicks. With our expertise on candle making, we produce high quality candles that are slow burning and virtually drip-less.
Candles Museum
Candles can be traced back thousands of years - all the way back to biblical times. The candle has been the main source of home lighting up to the introduction of electricity. Many early candles in Greece and the Roman empire were made of flax thread coated with pitch and wax, while in other regions candles were made using oils, like coconut, palm, olive and beeswax (which is still used nowadays). Early dipped candles were made using tallow. Paraffin was only introduced in the 1800's, and to this day stays the main ingredient in candles.
Caterpillars Pure Soy Candles
All Caterpillars Candles and Bath & Body creations are hand-crafted! At every step, we check the quality of each and every candle and lotion to ensure you receive only the finest products available. Our candles contain all-natural cotton wicks, organic soy wax, and premium fragrant oils. They are then lovingly wrapped and packaged by hand. With such high standards, it should be easy to see our mission is not to sell the most, but the BEST!
Discount Candle Shop
We are quickly growing and will soon have the largest collection of candles, candle accessories, candle supplies, and candle books on the Internet. Browse the categories on the navigation bar to the left to begin your candle shopping!
Er'go® Soy Candle
Er'go® Soy Candle produces the highest quality candles possible with absolutely no compromise.

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