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Gardening Advice Online and Easy to Follow Gardening Articles
The Gardening Register provides an easy to follow, informative website covering all aspects of gardening and offering free online gardening advice
The Flowering Garden
A web-based encyclopedia of flowering plant, a place to admire flowering plants and get to know them.
Catherine Howard Gardens Blog
Catharine Howard developed a life long love of gardens from her grandfather, a cantankerous retired Burmese judge who let off steam by gardening. Childhood holidays were spent pottering in a large Sussex garden designed by Christopher Lloyd. She trained in landscape design at Greenwich University and went on to study horticulture at Writtle college in Essex. She runs her own garden coaching and design practice and cites the joint inspiration of Russell Page for formality and Dan Pearson for using the genius loci to inform the design. Teaching the customer is at the core of her business and she runs regular horticultural master classes. She also works as a freelance gardening journalist.
Popular Gardens
Welcome to Popular Gardens! ...to a place where gardens reign and flowers rule. Vegetables grow and weeds seem to follow. This is a place where you can join a Garden membership club that delivers PLR or Private Label Rights articles on gardening and a whole lot more!

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